Brazilian Butt Lift in McAllen, TX


The Brazilian butt lift is a popular procedure because it simultaneously enhances the butt and sculpts the body by removing fat. Residents of McAllen, Brownsville, the Rio Grande Valley, and all of South Texas can feel comfortable choosing RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center for their Brazilian butt lift and other body sculpting procedures.

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The popular Brazilian butt lift procedure is a butt augmentation via liposuction and fat transfer. Even though it’s not really a lifting procedure, filling the butt with a patient’s own fat gives the advantage of augmenting the size and fullness of the butt and also lifting the butt. An added advantage is that the donor liposuction from the abdomen, flanks, outer thighs, and inner thighs also helps to further enhance and create a total body contour, making the butt look larger and shapelier. At RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center, patients often combine this procedure with liposuction or a tummy tuck.

What Is Fat Transfer For Butt Augmentation?

The Brazilian butt lift is possible due to the ability to transfer fat to the butt for augmentation. This is done by combining liposuction and a fat transfer procedure. First, fat is collected from an area of the body, most often the abdomen, flanks, or thighs. Then, it is purified to prepare it for re-injection. Finally, the fat is injected into the butt to create a larger, more shapely buttocks. This method of butt augmentation is integral to the Brazilian butt lift.

Why Choose RGV For Your Brazilian Butt Lift?

Dr. Rodriguez of RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center has refined his techniques to create what our patients now call the “Brazilian Bubble Butt Lift®.” The concept is that patients really want a result that accents the beautiful curves from their lower back to their upper butt, both on the sides and from behind. They want a “Bubble Butt,” not just a big butt. By using VASER liposuction to harvest the fat, platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to enrich the fat graft, and special processing methods to prepare the fat from the patient’s own body for injection, Dr. Rodriguez minimizes the amount of fat graft lost after fat transfer, thereby ensuring that patients get the most beautiful result possible with the amount of donor fat available. In addition, Dr. Rodriguez’s advanced injection techniques and closed collection and processing systems minimize the risks for infection or any lumpy results. VASER liposuction not only enhances the quality of the fat for fat transfer, but also enhances the skin tightening from the treated areas, creating more beautiful results.

*Actual patient.

How Is A Brazilian Butt Lift Performed?

The Brazilian butt lift is typically performed as an outpatient procedure, and can last between 3.5 to 4.5 hours depending on the amount of fat removed, number of areas treated, and the volume of fat transfer desired. Dr. Rodriguez typically recommends VASER liposuction to the abdomen, flanks (“love handles”), and back. An important component of the Brazilian butt lift is the liposuction performed on the flanks and the outer thighs, which helps to sculpt the contour of the butt. In fact, it is this sculpting around the buttocks that helps to frame where the fat will be injected, preparing the butt for beautiful fat transfer results. The procedure involves pre-treatment of the fat with VASER and then gentle donor liposuction. Liposuction is performed with micro-cannulas to minimize any injury to the fat cells, which also helps to minimize any visible scarring. The fat cells are then carefully processed for injection and transfer. All impurities are removed and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) is used to “super-charge” the fat graft and enhance the graft take. The fat is carefully injected in multiple layers to maximize graft take and ensure a beautiful, smooth contour.

How Is Recovery From A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Recovery from a fat transfer into the buttocks depends primarily on the length of time it takes for you to recuperate from areas that received liposuction. Fortunately, recuperation from liposuction surgery is relatively easy. The day after surgery, you should be up and walking around to promote normal circulation. You should begin normal activity as soon as possible to reduce post-operative complications. You can expect swelling following your procedure, which can last as long as four to six weeks. You may also experience some bruising, which tends to fade within two weeks of surgery. After your procedure, we will provide you with compression garments that provide support while you heal. These will be worn for several weeks after surgery and are essential to a proper recovery. During this time, we ask that patients minimize laying or sitting on their butt to protect the injected fat. It is important to keep in mind that as the initial post-surgical swelling subsides, size of the new buttocks will decrease a little. For this reason, the final result cannot be fully appreciated until at least three months after surgery.

How Much Does A Brazilian Butt Lift Cost?

To determine the cost of your Brazilian butt lift, we invite you to schedule a private consultation at our practice. During your consultation, we will assess your cosmetic goals in order to pursue a treatment plan that matches your unique needs. Then, we will be able to provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs associated with your treatment. At RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center, we accept a number of payment and financing options, including cash, checks, money orders, major credit cards, and CareCredit® financing. We also offer simple and secure online payment options for the convenience of our patients.
If you are looking to achieve a lifted butt while enhancing its shape, you may want to consider a Brazilian butt lift at RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center. With multiple locations, we are proud to offer convenient body sculpting procedures to residents of McAllen, Brownsville, the Rio Grande Valley, and all of South Texas.