Buttock Augmentation in McAllen, TX

If you would like to achieve a fuller, rounder butt or give the buttocks a youthful lift, you may want to consider buttock augmentation at RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center. Led by Dr. Filiberto Rodriguez, we specialize in a number of buttock augmentation techniques to help our patients achieve their aesthetic goals. We offer these procedures to patients from the Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville, McAllen, and all of South Texas.

WHAT IS Buttock augmentation?

Buttock augmentation is a cosmetic surgery designed to improve the shape and size of the buttocks. This can help patients add fullness and roundness to the butt, improving their self-confidence. Many patients find that a buttock augmentation helps them achieve a more balanced figure and complements the rest of the body. A buttock augmentation can restore youthfulness and volume to the butt, helping patients who may have experienced changes in their body due to pregnancy or aging. Whatever your reason for considering a buttock augmentation, the team at RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center can help you achieve your cosmetic goals with results that look and feel completely natural.


All surgical procedures require some sort of incision, and buttock augmentation procedures are no different. At RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center, our number one priority is delivering results that the patient will be happy with. Dr. Rodriguez specializes in buttock augmentation and other cosmetic surgeries, and utilizes a number of techniques depending on the patient’s unique personal goals. During your consultation, Dr. Rodriguez will review your treatment options and help you choose the technique that is best for you. During this time, he will explain the incisions necessary and what you can expect regarding scarring, results, and recovery.


Our buttock augmentation procedures include some of the most advanced cosmetic surgery techniques. At RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center, we offer the following:

HOW MUCH DOES buttock augmentation COST?

To determine the cost of your buttock augmentation, we invite you to schedule a private consultation at our practice. There are significant differences between the buttock augmentation procedures we offer, so the first step is determining the treatment that is right for you. During your consultation, we will assess your cosmetic goals in order to pursue a treatment plan that matches your unique needs. Then, we will be able to provide you with a clear breakdown of the costs associated with your treatment. At RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center, we accept a number of payment and financing options, including cash, checks, money orders, major credit cards, and CareCredit® financing. We also offer simple and secure online payment options for the convenience of our patients.

If you are considering one of our buttock augmentation procedures or would like to learn more about your options, contact us to schedule a consultation. Dr. Rodriguez is a highly respected cosmetic surgeon who specializes in buttock augmentation and related procedures. RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center is proud to serve the residents of McAllen, the Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville, and all of South Texas.