Come In for Thighplasty and Get the Thighs You Deserve

Come In for Thighplasty and Get the Thighs You Deserve

There are many reasons why you may develop sagging skin and deposits of stubborn fat in the thigh region. Most common among them are significant fluctuations in weight and the natural aging process. Fortunately, you can solve these issues with a thighplasty. Also known as a thigh lift, this surgery can improve the contours of the thighs to make them appear more beautiful and shapely.

Details About A Thighplasty

A thighplasty can reduce fatty deposits and tighten loose skin folds in thighs. If you have flabby thighs or sagging skin in the outer thigh area then a thighplasty can be beneficial for you. The surgery can address an individual’s specific aesthetic needs. Some people have inner thighs as their problem area; others find it problematic to get rid of fat from the outer thighs. It can even address the upper portion of the inner thighs.
If you are undergoing the surgery, you can opt for general anesthesia or IV sedation. Your doctor will make incisions based on your specific surgical requirements. For inner thighs, the incision can be in the groin area and cover the entire thigh circumference.
The incision can extend from the groin to the knees or it can remain limited to the groin area only. For outer thighs, the incisions may extend from the groin to hips and the back. Whatever may be the case; your surgeon will strategically make incisions that will remain hidden within the natural contours of your body.
Your doctor will remove extra fat, tighten the skin, and recontour your thigh area through the incisions. Once the necessary tissues are removed, your doctor will close the incisions with sutures. As the surgical swelling subsides, your thighs will appear sculpted and more defined than ever before.


You will need to rest until your thighs heal from the surgery. The recovery time from a thighplasty is minimal but will depend on the areas addressed during the surgery. Your doctor will provide you with precautions to take and activities to avoid based on the extent of your incisions.
For the first few days after surgery, your doctor may prescribe medication to help ease any discomfort you may experience. For some time, however, you will need to avoid heavy physical activities in order for you to heal properly.

Reasons to Opt for Thighplasty

Women can experience extensive bodily changes as a result of pregnancy, changes in weight, and many other factors. This can affect one’s confidence and further degrade your sense of self. Anyone who experiences extreme fluctuations of weight in a short period of time can develop sagging skin on the thighs.
Some people also find it difficult to lose fat from the thighs with exercise due to genetic factors. For others, getting rid of that last fatty layer from the inner thighs can be really difficult, even with diets and exercise. This accumulation of fat and skin can give you an unattractive bottom heavy appearance.
Thighplasty offers a solution to all these problems. With this innovative surgical solution, you can even address stubborn fat and excessive loose skin very efficiently. Thighplasty can tone and sculpt the thighs in ways that are not possible through other means. It is a safe procedure that can help you finally achieve the body you desire.

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