For Harsh Skin Issues, A Deep Chemical Peel May Be the Answer

For Harsh Skin Issues, A Deep Chemical Peel May Be the Answer

Having clear and youthful skin tops the list of the standards of beauty. A lot of people desire a clean, clear, fresh, youthful, and vibrant layer of skin, especially when the early signs of aging or unsightly blemishes like acne or sun spots begin to appear.
Our skin changes as we grow older and many factors such as pollution, hormonal changes, stress, and our general health can deeply affect the appearance of our skin. Over time, you may notice that pigmentation and blemishes begin to grow and spread This can be frustrating, especially if you have been following a skincare routine that you thought would work.
Fortunately, cases of harsh and unsightly skin do have a solution. A deep chemical peel might just be the type of treatment you need to treat those wrinkles and anything else that is wrong with your skin.

What Is a Deep Chemical Peel?

A deep chemical peel is a cosmetic treatment in which a chemical agent is used to peel off a layer of your skin, thus exposing fresh the skin underneath. It is a safe treatment that can help people with different skin types achieve the beautiful skin they desire. It is a quick process that does not involve invasive surgery or long recovery times.

Prior To The Procedure

A chemical peel that is not done the correct way can result in chemical burns on your face. To experience the best results possible, you will need to contact an experienced surgeon who has a history of performing the procedure.
The procedure involves chemical dermabrasion. You will be required to use a cream or gel that contains retinoic acid for eight weeks right before the procedure to prepare your skin for the treatment. The retinoic acid thins out the outer layer of your skin and starts numbing it in preparation for the procedure.

The Procedure

After eight weeks of using retinoic acid, your skin is prepared and ready for the procedure. You will be sedated before the procedure and your face will be numbed. Once this is done, your face will be cleaned and prepped for the procedure.
The chemical used in case of deep chemical peels is phenol. It is carefully brushed on to your face and then neutralized with water. A soothing gel or ointment will be applied on your skin after this to ensure that the skin does not dry up too much. In certain cases, your surgeon might cover your face with a gauze or bandage.
After the chemical peel, you will notice that your layer of dead skin will start peeling and crusting over. Over time, it will start to peel away from your face entirely. This will take anywhere between one to two weeks to be complete. During this period, it is advisable not to go out into the sun or use any harsh skin products on your face. Try and follow a simple skincare routine until you heal completely.
Swelling and redness is normal after the procedure and is temporary. Your doctor may prescribe ointments to help your skin heal faster and painkillers to help ease any discomfort you may experience. You should use any medicine given to you exactly as prescribed.

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A chemical peel treatment is a great way to improve the look of your skin without having to undergo invasive surgery. If you’re interested in learning more about the procedure, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Filiberto Rodrigues today.

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