Male Breast Reduction Techniques: Excision and Liposuction

Male Breast Reduction Techniques: Excision and Liposuction

Male breasts, also known as a condition called gynecomastia, refers to excess breast tissue in men and boys that can cause enlarged breasts. Many men suffer from this condition and it can lead to a loss of self esteem due to enlarged breasts. Depending on the cause, the problem may go away on its own, or you will need to undergo surgery to treat the problem.
Usually, male breast reduction involves different types of procedures depending on the cause. Surgical reduction of male breasts involves excision or liposuction.


Liposuction is preferred where the enlarged breasts are caused by excess fat. Liposuction involves suctioning out the excess fat through tubes inserted under the skin. This is a minimally invasive procedure, enabling surgeons to remove large amounts of fatty tissue without creating a large incision.
The incision will be placed where the resulting scar is not visible easily. This should assuage the doubts of patients who are wondering if the scar will make it difficult for them to go shirtless.


An excision involves the removal of excess skin and breast tissue. This type of procedure is preferred when enlargement is caused less by excess fat and more due to excess breast gland tissue.
This method may involve the use of a larger incision. However, a skilled surgeon will place the incision where the resulting post-surgical mark can be almost unnoticeable. Once the excess tissue is removed, the muscles under the skin will be tightened and the incisions will be closed.


You can go home right after the surgery is completed. You will, however, need someone to drive you home and help you perform any strenuous tasks as you heal. Your doctor might prescribe some medications to help deal with any resulting discomfort.
Supportive bandages are used to reduce swelling and for improved comfort. Drainage tubes will be needed for those who undergo excision for the first few days after surgery. You will be asked to avoid heavy duty activities, until the wound has healed. You can return to work in around 10 days after the surgery. Patients are advised to maintain a healthy lifestyle, including good meals and light exercise, for improved outcomes during the recovery stage.

Is the Procedure Right for you

This surgery rarely has side effects so male breast reduction may be suitable for older males as well as younger males. In adolescent boys, the problem of excess breast tissue usually fades with puberty, when the hormonal makeup of the body changes. However, the problem may be more persistent in older men. After the surgery, you will ideally want to maintain a balanced diet and a good exercise routine to reduce the possibility of excess fat in the body.
The surgery offers permanent results, so the problem is not expected to return later in life. You should be in good health before you consider undergoing the treatment. If you are taking any kind of medication or supplements, you would need to inform your doctor before the surgery.
The surgery generally offers good results, so if you are self conscious about your problem and are looking for a permanent solution, reduction of male breast through excision or liposuction is a good idea.

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