McAllen Cosmetic Surgeon, Filiberto Rodriguez, M.D. Introduces "Recovery Plus™"

McAllen Cosmetic Surgeon, Filiberto Rodriguez, M.D. Introduces "Recovery Plus™"

A 24-hour Breast Augmentation Recovery Protocol

Finally, we are in the 21st Century, practicing 21st Century cosmetic surgery. Recovery time comes down to this: How your breast augmentation is performed and the post-operative techniques that follow.

Recovery Plustm is a revolutionary method that focuses on rapid patient recovery. Dr. Rodriguez uses advanced dissection techniques that minimize traume to the tissue, protect the sensitive lining of the ribs, and result in minimal bleeding to minimize bruising. The procedure is performed under a light anesthesia, and Dr. Rodriguez administers a long-lasting, local anesthetic so patients awaken with very little pain. The surgery is complete within about an hour, thus minimizing recovery time.

After the breast augmentation procedure, active therapy is part of the Recovery Plustm 24-hour breast augmentation Recovery Protocol. Patients begin a strict protocol of stretching exercises immediately following surgery. In fact, the Recovery Plustm 24-hour Breast Augmentation Recovery protocol has been so successful that patient discomfort can often be treated with only a mild analgesic such as Tylenol or Aleve.

Patients are also given a set of instructions that must be followed. Following the process is vital to the success of Recovery Patients are often surprised when we recommend that they go out to dinner that same night following their surgery.

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