Mommy Makeover Surgery in San Antonio TX

Mommy Makeover Surgery in San Antonio, TX

Mommy Makeover Surgery in San Antonio TX

What should moms do to feel like a new woman? A mommy makeover is the perfect solution.

It is a very natural process to want to return to your pre-pregnancy body after giving birth. Even though it can be hard, the changes in your body during and after pregnancy are beautiful.

For those in San Antonio, TX, Concan, TX, Fredericksburg, TX, Port Aransas, TX, Boerne, TX and New Braunfels collectively called “South Texas” we offer mommy makeover surgery

Various Body Changes that You Get During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a time of change. Your body will go through a lot of changes in the nine months that you are expecting.

You may experience things like weight gain, nausea, heartburn, and mood swings. You will also notice changes in your skin and hair. The most common ones are stretch marks and hair growth.

You can take care of some of these body changes by using certain products or doing certain things like eating healthy or taking prenatal vitamins.

Dr. Rodriguez will examine your breasts to figure out the best treatment plan for them. You may be fortunate to have only lost volume after a pregnancy and experience minimal sag or droop.

No doubt that this is a case where a breast augmentation alone might be for you. If we find out you are indeed a good candidate for the procedure, then getting a transumbilical breast augmentation would be great to avoid any more sagging.

The abdominoplasty can leave a circular scar. So we can use the existing abdominal scar to do the transumbilical incision and you’ll only need one additional tiny incision on your breasts.

It is possible that you can correct the drooping or sagging to your breasts through a breast lift. A new implant may also be required in addition to a breast lift.

When scheduling a mommy makeover surgery, you may want to consider other procedures.

If you combine this procedure with a Brazilian butt lift or facial rejuvenation, you’ll get an extra benefit from the fat that’s used for Dr. Rodriguez’s other procedures.

The fat transfer technique can make a ‘normal’ mommy makeover into a deluxe one depending on the amount of fat transferred and the desired change.

You may also notice changes in your neck, breasts, skin and hair. Changes in circulation to areas of the body that have thin skin may lead to stretch marks on the abdomen, breasts or thighs.

After multiple pregnancies, a woman’s abdominal muscles may be stretched to the point where they can’t contract. The same thing goes for the pelvic floor muscles surrounding your vagina which can be irreversibly stretched from multiple vaginal deliveries.

This can result in discomfort during intercourse. More severe stretching can cause prioritises and incontinence.

In addition to treating the more severe cases of weakened pelvic floor muscles, many women simply want a solution to rejuvenate their vagina and achieve the best sexual experience possible.

A mommy makeover can also include surgical treatment of vaginal/labia issues such as sagging as well. The more you know!

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