Reduce Signs of Aging in Your Hands

Reduce Signs of Aging in Your Hands

Among the many signs of aging, loss of tissue volume and age spots on hands are two very obvious ones. A lot of people let these conditions go untreated, often because they’re unaware that there are simple medical procedures that they can undergo to regain their lost youth. In this blog, you’ll learn about dealing with these two unpleasant signs of aging.

Loss of Volume in Muscle Tissue

Muscle-mass deterioration can begin as soon as in your 30s. Until then, your muscle tissue will develop and grow normally. Once you reach the age of 30, atrophy can occur and muscle tissues can slowly disintegrate. The rate at which you lose your muscle tissue increases with age. A common myth is that muscle atrophy occurs in people who are less involved in physical work. However, the truth is that loss of volume in muscle tissue is seen even in people who engage in hard physical exercise.
There are many factors that cause loss of volume in muscle tissue. However, the fact is that almost everyone goes through it, and often, they don’t do anything to correct it, because they believe that it cannot be helped. If you too are despairing about the loss of beauty in your hands due to muscle-tissue loss, dermal fillers like Radiesse can prove to be a boon for you.

Treatment with Radiesse

Radiesse is an injection that is administered into your dermal tissues. This filler is an all-natural calcium-based hyaluronic gel that helps in giving your hands a fuller look. As it is naturally manufactured using substances that are present in the human body already, there is little to no chance of allergic reaction by the body, since the filler will not be seen as a foreign object.
Radiesse is a much-loved procedure for a variety of reasons. Its effects are long-lasting, so once you undergo a Radiesse treatment, you have little to worry about for a long time. It’s also a painless and simple procedure that will not involve wasting your time on healing and downtime after the procedure.

Age Spots

Age spots are another sign of aging. With time, the harmful rays of the sun cause certain areas on the skin to discolor and become darker. These spots are easily noticeable and are a big cause of concern for those experiencing them. These spots have to be treated early, as they can increase in size and intensity with time. The earlier they are corrected, the better.

Correction with IPL Treatment

Age spots can be easily corrected using Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatments. IPL treatment, also known commonly as a photofacial, is something like a photo-editing service. This non-surgical treatment works on the discolored spots on the skin, making them lighter with each treatment until they vanish altogether. Best results are found with the help of only a few treatments.
IPL works by destroying the cells responsible for the extreme production of melanin pigment in the tissues. The procedure is highly focused on only the affected areas and does not affect the surrounding skin, which makes it a completely safe procedure to undergo.

Rejuvenate Your Hands

Dr. Filiberto Rodriguez is a cosmetic surgeon with years of experience revitalizing patients’ hands. Contact us and schedule your consultation with Dr. Rodriguez to learn more about Radiesse and IPL treatments.

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