Rib Cage Modification in Austin Texas

Rib Cage Modification in Austin Texas

Rib Cage Modification in Austin Texas

Cosmetic surgery to alter the shape of your rib cage is rare and therefore considered ‘exotic’ even though there are communities that request it more often. It’s a very popular procedure among transgender adults, but can be sought by anyone with a less than typically feminine body type in order to define their waist. Few surgeons are able to perform rib cage modification procedures, and it requires very highly skilled expertise in order to safely perform this surgery. 

There is a lot of confusion about waist/ribcage-related surgery. It’s not as dangerous as some people may think, as long as it’s performed by a qualified surgeon. Often, rib cage modification is called “rib cage removal,” however, this is a myth as the rib is not entirely removed. In fact, only a portion of the rib is removed allowing the remaining rib to perform as normal.

This procedure improves the shape of the waist by removing two floating ribs, thus exposing more space and enhancing organ protection.Some patients can only achieve the waist size they desire with rib removal, with a greater chance of success when combined with a tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) for more dramatic results.

For those looking to achieve a tighter, slimmer waistline, RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center offers rib cage modification surgery (also known as “rib removal surgery” or “rib resection”). Our surgeons provide this procedure for patients that have high hopes of achieving their desired figure. We also offer other cosmetic surgeries to people in Austin and the surrounding areas, like Cedar Park, Buda, Georgetown, Hutto, Leander and West Lake.

If you would like to know more about rib cage modification, contact us today and we will guide you through the process with one of our board-certified surgeons, Dr. Rodriguez. He is a double board-certified cosmetic surgeon and rib cage modification specialist who has years of experience in this specific field.. RGV Cosmetic Surgery & Vein Center offers a wide variety of cosmetic procedures to patients living in Austin, Buda, Georgetown, Cedar Park, Bastrop, Hutto, Leander, West Lake, Pflugerville, and all of Central Texas.

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